All of our services, except Cat Visits, are group services and require that your dog be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations, fixed if older than 8 months, and be well-behaved (not aggressive or disruptive) within a group setting.

A Temperament Test is required prior to every dog’s enrollment in daycare or boarding. The test is by appointment only and typically lasts 30 minutes. A staff member will go over the Pet Profile Form with each owner, followed by a separate evaluation of your dog. This will ensure that your dog is a qualified candidate for a safe, healthy, and playful daycare and boarding experience. Proof of all required vaccinations must be sent in prior to scheduling a temperament test. If you are a new customer, click here to get started!

It is recommended that your dog stay for at least a half-day, free of charge, after passing the Temperament Test to allow for them to adjust and to give our staff a chance to see how they interact in daycare for a longer period of time.

Please call us to schedule your dog’s Temperament Test today!


You can count on us to care for your dog:

Whenever you need a trusting dog care provider, call our excellent team. We're open Monday through Friday, starting at 7:30 AM and the last pick-up is at 6:30 PM. Your dog will love their time with us and you'll know that they're safe and comfortable while you're at work.

Indoor Doggie Daycare Benefits:

Consistently walking schedules

Taught to properly walk on a leash outside

Puppy/adult interaction and socialization with all sizes

Constant human interaction while on walks and inside of facility promoting great socialization

Our new outside patio area is coming soon.

$36/day (+$12 for first additional dog)

$25 per day for 1/2 days under 5 hours.

  • Transportation services are available for an extra fee on a case-by-case basis.

Structured Daycare

A modified doggie daycare program, operating weekdays from 7:30 am until 6 pm. Fully staffed by trainers and apprentices, this day service includes:

  • Two practice or game learning sessions with a trainer

  • One exercise-based activity (treadmill, etc.)

  • Structured reward and rest time

  • Daily group or private walks for potty breaks

  • Crate training practice

$55/ Per Day

Adventure Group (NEW!)

An hour of off-leash play and freedom at our local, fenced-in area.

$25/ Per Group


Group walks for your pup. Walks may take place in your neighborhood or a short drive away in another pup’s neighborhood.

30-minute walk: $25 (+$10 for first additional dog)

60-minute walk: $35 (+$15 for first additional dog)

Let Outs

Quick bathroom breaks provided individually, most often for puppies or dogs who cannot complete a full walk.

$15/let out

Overnight Boarding

Our Overnight Program is unique in that we bring dogs into our homes and treat them as part of the family. Each provider never takes more than 2-3 dogs at once, so your pup has friends to slumber-pawty with, but also gets a great deal of personal attention during his/her stay, just like home!

Doggy Dates provides transportation and care. Clients provide dog food, toys (at their discretion), and a crate/bed (at their discretion). Check out our Facebook page for Overnight pictures!


Weekend walk (reserved for regular customers only): $40

Monday through Thursday night $65 per night

Friday through Sunday night: $75 per night

Holidays* $75 per night


Transportation (pick-up or drop-off) before 10AM or after 4PM: $30 extra

Boarding Services Available To Active Pondside Clients

Spa & Grooming

Bath & Cut Pricing Based on Size – includes bath, coat brushing, haircut (including sanitary trim), blow-dry:

Small (<25 lbs) $65

Medium (26 lbs-45 lbs) $80

Large (46 lbs-65 lbs) $95

Extra Large (>65 lbs) $105

De-Matting $30 (will be added for those who require more than 20 minutes to brush out mats.)

Bath Pricing

Bath Pricing Based on Size includes bath, coat brushing, blow dry:

Small (<25 lbs) $40

Medium (26 lbs-45 lbs) $50

Large (46 lbs-65 lbs) $55

Extra Large (>65 lbs) $65+

De-Matting $30 will be added for those who require more than 20 minutes to brush out mats. Bath cannot be done before dogs are de-matted.


These can be added to a bath or bath & cut, or done on their own.

Eye & Ear Cleaning – $15

Maintenance Brush Out – $20

Anal Gland Expression- $15

De-Matting – $30

De-Shedding – $30

Nail Cutting – $12

Sanitary Trim – $10

Teeth Brushing – $10

Facials – $15 (Cucumber, Melon, Foaming Facial)

Nose Revitalizer – $15

Paw Wax – $15 (moisturizes, and helps with salt and snow)

Flea Bath – $40

De-Skunk - $50

Services For Cat Visits

Cat visits are brief trips to your home that include feeding, playtime, and scoop-ing a litter box if requested. No extra charge for multiple cats.


* Medication & Sub-Q Fluid Services Available

Cat Boarding: In Staff Members Home


Vet Services at Pondside

While we pride ourselves on the extensive measures we take to ensure your dog’s safety, things do happen. If your dog becomes injured or ill while in our care, rest assured that we have the best vet in town on call. When necessary, Dr. Jake Tedaldi is available to visit your dog here at the Urban Hound. Jake works closely with our staff to provide detailed instructions about your dog’s care for the remainder of their stay. For your convenience, vet services will be added to your bill and will be charged at check out.

Dr. Jake Tedalidi, DVM is a 1980 graduate of Harvard University, where he concentrated in English and American Literature and Languages. He remained at Harvard as a freshman advisor while working at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital for two years.

Jake began his veterinary education in the fall of ‘86 and graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. From 1990-91 he practiced at Oak Hill Animal hospital in Newton before founding his own practice in 1992. Jake is the solo practitioner of Vetcall, Inc., a mobile veterinary medical & surgical practice serving dogs & cats in greater Boston and its nearby suburbs.

Jake has been voted “Best of Boston” Veterinarian by Boston Magazine twice, first in 2006 and most recently in 2011. In 2008 he published “What’s Wrong With My Dog?” a guide to handling your dog’s health problems. Since 2011 Jake has been a weekly contributor to NECN’s Morning Show as “Jake the Vet”, giving viewers a glimpse of typical home visits. He discusses similar topics during regular appearances on the Kiss 108 “Matty in The Morning” radio show, which he began frequenting in 2005.

Jake lives in Boston with his wife Ruth, their four sons, Max, Luke, Jude, and Dylan, and their Labrador retriever, Bear.