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Spa & Grooming
We specialize in grooming dog breeds of every shape and size. We love to care for puppies, elderly, sensitive, or newly-adopted dogs. We have what it takes to acclimate your pup and ease them into the grooming process. Throughout their spa day your pup will be treated with patience and care all the while being soothed, pampered, and loved. Pups look forward to coming back for a day of beauty and  fun at  Pondside.

We also offer walk-in consultations and pricing. Please stop by and visit!


Frequently Asked Questions
What time do I drop off my pup and how long will it take?


We open at 8:30 am and like to have everyone in by 10:30 am. Pick up times vary depending on which services are being provided. We do our very best to accommodate everyone and work with your schedule! Grooming pups are always welcome to spend the whole day in daycare ! 


What's included in a grooming? 


 Your pup will be bathed, brushed, nails clipped, ears plucked and cleaned and be given a sanitary trim in addition to their haircut. We also offer a variety of spa add-on services such as enzymatic teeth brushing, anal gland expression, speciality shampoos or soothing soaks. 


How much will the visit cost?


Prices vary depending on your pup's breed and condition. On most occasions we are able to provide an over-the-phone price range for your selected services and an exact price when you arrive for your appointment. 


What products do you use? 


Our product line of choice is Bark 2 Basics & Natures Specialty. These products are completely natural, 100% biodegradable, soap free and cruelty free.

These unique herbally blended shampoos gently clean and deliver nutrients to coat and skin.

Did we mention they also smell delicious?!


Do you speak Doodle?


Yes we doodly do! With the ever-growing popularity of designer breeds we stay current on all styles, specifications and standards. Shepadoodles, Bernadoodles to Cavapoos we've got you covered! 


What other services are available in addition to bathing, grooming and day care?


Nail Grinding
Flea & Tick Funerals
Enzymatic Teeth Brushing
De-Shedding Treatments
Anal Gland Expression
Medicated Specialty Baths
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