Pondside offers fun and safe daycare solutions for dog owners who have to be away from their pups during the day, or just want their dogs to get more exercise and socialization. We cap our daily intake at 25 to provide personalized care for your dog. We offer a safe, clean, caring environment for your family's furriest members. 

We provide plenty of outdoor potty breaks and small group outdoor yard time. 

Whether your dog is an older puppy who’s still working to master training skills or a recent rescue in need of a gentle introduction to group socialization, Structured Daycare is a more controlled approach to dog daycare.

Highlights of Structured Daycare:

Your dog’s daycare visit is built around monitored small group play sessions.
Limited capacity ensures our professional staff can facilitate social interactions at the right pace and intensity for your dog.
Small group setting and low staff-to-dog ratio make this a great environment for reinforcing training commands and good canine manners.
Our attendants make sure shy dogs get the breaks needed to build their comfort and confidence with play and socialization.
All dogs get designated nap breaks in individual crates—ensuring a necessary cool-down and time away from the excitement of group play.
Real world training & plenty of outdoor potty breaks


Behavior modification:

Separation Anxiety

Leash reactivity/dog aggressiveness

Overall reactivity/aggressiveness

Confidence building

Excessive barking

Destructive behaviors

Calm leash walking/loose leash walking

Off-leash training

Reliable recall

Relationship/bond building

Puppy Training:

Puppy basics (sit, down, stand, wait, stay, leave it, drop, place,

come, attention/name, positioning, etc.)

Calm leash walking/loose leash walking



Reliable recall