Day Care $36

Half Day (Under 5 hours):

Adult Dog: $25

Packages Available. 

We have three separate play areas for your dog to enjoy. All dogs are separated according to weight, size, age, and temperament. We have designed it this way to provide the safest and most comfortable environment for your dog. Daycare is for social dogs to exercise, play, and have fun. Owners can rest easy knowing their dog will come home tired and socialized.


​Structured Puppy Daycare- $55 per day.


In Puppy Daycare, we help each dog learn what is and is not appropriate play behavior, and how to socialize in group settings. We also focus on introducing the puppies to human touch and positively reinforce the touching of their mouths, ears, and feet for more positive grooming and vet experiences as they get older.

In between socializing and play time, the puppies are crated. It is so important to give puppies the rest time they need throughout the day so that they can absorb what they’ve learned and re-energize. Puppies have potty breaks every two hours minimum.


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