Cat Sitting

Pondside Pet Care offers 20 minute visits for your cat(s). Each visit includes feeding, refreshing water, scooping litter, administering medications*, and of course lots of love and playtime. Visits can be tailored to cover lots of playtime and love if that is what your cat needs. Whether your cat is happy to see us or hiding under the bed Pondside Pet Care is there to take the very best care of your cat. 

- 20 minute visit, $16 for up to 2 cats ($5 each for 3 or more cats)

 -2 full cat visits, $30  for up to 2 cats ( $5 each for 3 cats or more)

- Insulin Injections, Oral & Topical Medications, $3

- Subcutaneous Fluids,  $12

- Nail Trims, $15*

-Holiday surcharge $5 

Schedule a Complimentary Meet & Greet
You can schedule a complimentary meet & greet online or by emailing us at [email protected]



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