Daily Dog Walking

Your dog(s) are walked for a full 30 minutes in your neighborhood.
We don’t do ‘group walks’. Your dog(s) get our undivided attention.

$  17 per dog; Additional dog $ 8

Puppy Visit & Senior Dogs

A play and a quick walk for pups under 9 months & Seniors
$13.00 for 10 minutes / $15 for 20 minutes

Working Late? Planning a day trip? Work weekends? No worries. We offer evening & weekend walks.
20 minutes $25 ( includes 1 feeding ) 
additional dog $10

Dog Sitting
Your dog stays home where it is most comfortable and is visited multiple times throughout the day. A typical visit begins with a quick bathroom break followed by a meal
then a healthy walk through your neighborhood. Most dogs require 3-4 visits over a 24 hour period.

Dog Boarding
This service is for well-socialized dogs that attend at least one playgroup or walk with us each week. Your dog is brought to the home of one of our walkers and is treated like a member of their family. Pick-up and drop-off service is included.

$75 (24 hours) * $80 for Holidays and Christmas Vacation Week


Cat Visits
Cat visits include feeding your cat(s), refreshing the water,
cleaning the litter box and playing with or brushing your cat, if he's willing.

Single Visit $ 17 ( 2 cats ) $5 each additional cat 

2 Visits per day $ 30 
We will also administer 1 medication-free if needed. Additional Medication & Sub-Q Fluids Extra.