Oral Medication & Supplements

Insulin Injections: $10 per injection
Subcutaneous Fluids: $15 per administration
Nail Trims: $15 per nail trim
Ear Cleaning; $10 per cleaning
Eye drops or Ointment: $5

Recovery Visits

Pets that have recently had surgery or an injury need extra support and loving care in order to heal properly.
Your pet’s veterinarian will often prescribe medications and other treatments that are needed frequently throughout the day. With your busy schedule, you may be worried about meeting your recuperating pet’s needs. That’s where we come in!

Assisted leash walks
Passive range-of-motion exercises (PROM)
Medication administration (including injections)
Bladder expression       Cold/heat treatments
Massage                            Bandage changes
And other treatments

All medical service fees are additional to your regular pet sitting visits or overnight rate. Please keep in mind these are specialized services all administered or overseen closely by Owner/Manager Tammy Boyer-Lewis Certified Veterinary Technician. A muzzle may be required for all medical procedures for the comfort of your pet and safety of our sitters.