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Vet Tech Services

Cat Visit- $15
A check-in with meal, litter change and quick play

2 full visits-$30 per day 

( breakfast and dinner to be served, plus a kitty litter change)

Your Neighborhood Pet Sitting Service.

​​​​If you don't see the service you need here, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

​​Are you looking for a pet sitter with Veterinary experience to care for your pets in your home?
We have a team of educated and experienced Veterinary Technicians to care for your pets in a time of need. We care for all types of pets: Small, large and exotic animals. As well as aggressive and fractious pets. We cover many different types of pet sitting: Business trips, Vacations - short or long, Day outings, Surgery, Injury or bedridden, Having a baby, Elderly and cannot exercise your pet regularly, What ever the reason may be we can cover it.

Pondside Pet Care & Dog Walking 


​​Birds, Bunnies, Hamsters & 

​More...Strating at $15

Quickie Walk - $12.00

20 Minute - $15.00 

30 Minutes- $20.00

Weekends & Evenings -$25.00

Dog Sitting- 4- Walks, meals and play time $75 per ( 24 hour period)

Playgroups - $ 45 ( Minimum  2 Hours in privately fenced in area.)